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Mirror Signage Player

Mirror Signage Kiosk
$499.00  $399

Dimension (HxWxD): 40"x20"x3"

Screen Size: 10.4" (diagonally)
Brightness: 350cd/SQM min.
Contrast Ratio: 250:1 min.

Support Format: AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3,
up to 720p, XVID video codec support.

Frame Style: Aluminium / Silver color

Card Support: CF, SD.
USB Support: Yes

Audio Support: Yes
Video Input/Output:  No  (All-in-One Unit)

Power Supply: 110VAC

Remote Control: Yes.

Mirror signage 10.4 inch LCD Mirror is new advantage concept, It combine mirror with LCD Digital player. When it turn on, You can see a 10.4" LCD player playing the picture/video advertising on the top; And you
can see a A4 size advertising poster on the button also. When people approach the dislay, The A4 size advertising part will change to be a mirror,while the top LCD digital advertising will continue to play. So, people enjoy the mirror together with the digital advertising!

Support Smart Sensor,
detect person close to mirror. Automatically Disable Bottom AD for Mirror purpose.